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Be proud of your dishes again. With CitraCharge PRO you can confidently remove even the most difficult hard water spots and the stubborn white film caused by low-phosphate soaps.


Before and After

If you only use detergent, hard water can leave unsightly deposits on your dishware during the rinse cycle. What's more, many of the new
low-phosphate detergents fail to remove food residues and even leave a milky-white buildup on your dishes that can seem impossible to remove.


CitraCharge PRO's proprietary formulation cleans away food and detergent residues, giving you sparkling glasses, dishes, and cutlery. CitraCharge PRO makes a difference -
a difference you can see.

More than just dishes

Going far beyond simply making your dishes sparkling clean, CitraCharge PRO is also an incredibly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Use CitraCharge PRO to clean your kitchen and bathroom sinks and fixtures. It removes hard water deposits from shower heads, shower doors, faucets and aerators. It even removes the built-up minerals on coffee pots.


CitraCharge PRO removes lime scale and unsightly stains from the tub of your washing machine. Try CitraCharge PRO in the toilet tank to prevent and remove stains.


The possibilities are endless - any cleaning job you can conceive, CitraCharge PRO can achieve.

Use what the professionals use

CitraCharge PRO is based on the same professionally certified and FDA-approved formulation that has protected commercial restaurants and kitchens for almost thirty years. Tested and proven in some of the most grueling environments, the CitraCharge PRO proprietary blend brings professional strength cleaning to your home. This highly concentrated formula gives your dishwasher superior cleaning power for sparkling clean dishes.


You can also rest assured that your dishwasher, one of your most vital appliances, will be as clean and as well protected as in the largest commercial kitchens.